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REPORT DATE: 11-10-2104


Val here,

You guys probably know our lead man Chief. He knows everyone. Honestly Your guy would be nuts to go to the Abandoned Waste dump! We went in their once when we were a militia, we sent a small team of 5 guys in first, heavily armed and it was still a nightmare. It’s a den of Mother Deathclaws and broken satellite dishes. It’s practically a biological preserve for angry female mama bears. Having said that. I’ve been there before so I told Chief I’d look into it.


I dragged my future sister in law Max along with me just to get in some quality bonding time, she act’s like she hates it but really I know she loves me. There are hoards of radiation barrels. So your guy better have had a lot of protection otherwise he was toast from go. The only semi fresh body we found had no identification and it wasn't that fresh. But with all these Deathclaws, there's a good chance nothing would be left of an intruder. Max was kind enough to take some pictures with one of the busted tripods on site. I’ll send them along.


REPORT DATE: 11-10-2104
SUBMITTED BY: The-sarge84


Preliminary recon on Deathclaw Island appeared to show the island was deserted, but a few small boats moored on the shore led me to believe there had been a human presence.


Closer inspection of the island had me come into contact with a sizeable Deathclaw, that was despatched for the safety of others. Human remains on the island shows people were there to picnic (if you can believe it) and hide items in a safe, but it looks as if the Deathclaw beat them to it. To my mind, this was wreckless and nieve at best, and at worst it shows a mental believe that deathclaws wouldn't harm them, possibly a sign of indoctrination to a philosophy that idolised the beasts.

My next target for observation was the abandoned waste dump. Scouting around the entrance to the cave showed a D.C nest that had been disturbed, but no blood as I would have expected. Possibly poachers or abduction of the egg/D.C youngling.


Inside the cave at the dump were a large matriarc D.C and a aggressive Alfa Male. More surprising was the left behind scientific / observation equipment, possible signes of our missing Doc?


Further examination of the site revealed a elevator direct to a Free States Bunker. This use have been an important site as security to sections involved a laser grid door and pass code. No signs the Free State are involved in the missing Doc, or the D.C in the caves below. Maybe they didn't know about them, or maybe they used the D.C as guard dogs for the elevator.


Last place to investigate are the Hopewell Caves, as a pupboy signal has been detected. Fingers crossed its the Doc, and that I'm not too late.


Sargent Max Power, over and out.


REPORT DATE: 11-10-2104


I got your message while helping out the Pumpkin House Mr. Handy. Since I was a few feet away I went back to Hopewell Cave. The Mother deathclaw was no where to be found, I'm assuming she went to go find food.


Upon further investigation I found said holotape. Yes, it belonged to Dr. Shepard. In it he goes on to say he is still researching more... I took a more clear view of the body inside Hopewell... I believe "Reggie" was a Reaper. Possibly scoping out the mother deathclaw, or maybe they are on to Dr. Shepard. Both seem to have been there for an extended stay.


I did search around more while she was gone... there was a chair, magazine, camping supplies, multiple sleeping bags. Was Dr. Shepard with more people or just himself? Then it caught my eye, along the back wall. A faceplate, a backbone. Did the doc see this too? Is this a reason the Reapers are starting to worship deathclaws? I've overstayed my welcome... again. I hear her.


Hopefully you get my report. Hopefully I get out of this damn cave. She's here. She survived another day, now if I can just outwait her to go to sleep. Blood covering her claws and jaw tell me she's eaten recently. So soon.



REPORT DATE: 11-10-2104
SUBMITTED BY: Godessnerd #9184


Findings from hopewell confirmed shepherd was their but no identifiable corpse was there but their was a holotape. The tape says he was looking into the burials and drawings of the adena people but the deathclaw is where I’m stumped. Either he becomes a death claw enthusiast which would explain the paraphernalia or someone else made it but he’s just gone.


Now I’m know I’m just a medic but I know you don’t just leave behind a site like that. Either something got to him mentally or something physically both I hope I are not true and he’s just stranded in a ditch somewhere with plenty of food and water


REPORT DATE: 11-10-2104


Alright alright I know the drill. Make a report right?


I take photos, it is technically a hobby but I think the guys need to reclassify everything as something useful so they call it recon. Chief usually saves them and writes the relevant info like time and location incase the items become useful later. Since he hadn’t got around to it this month he was extra annoyed that I don’t remember much about the photo’s.


Between you and I, I was pretty high on Daytripper at the time. I probably wouldn't have though much about it even if I’d been sober. I see weird shit all the time. Here is what I do remember. Three small cabins, maybe 4? I think the place was called called Darling Sisters lab. It was north of the Fairgrounds. I was alone at the time so I stayed hidden.


There were two people dressed as Deathclaws from what I could tell. There were a few bodies of Mutants and one behemoth nearby. Possible an offering for the egg they had. I assume there may have been more before that scuffle. I didn't stay long enough to find out if any more of them were on a walk in the woods. When the boys went through a few days later they said nothing was there.


That part I did find odd. I mean who would move the dead body of a behemoth anyway? That's more trouble than it’s worth for anyone. But I didn't ask any clarifying questions, at the time. Hope that helps.

REPORT DATE: 11-10-2104


Arrived at the Abandoned waste dump earlier this morning (8:15am) -


-Surveyed the exterior grounds, not much more then a blood bug or a tick shambling about.

- (8:45am) Iv found a small camping site NE of AWD; 2 tents.

- 1 of the tents is destroyed with it's frame bent outwards on it's NW side.

- Beside the destroyed tent I found a small green footlocker containing a single Packet of Blood and what looks like a segment of wooden armor?

- The other tent is empty.

- No tracks leading in or out.

- No Campfire.


Returned to the entrance of the AWD (9:08am)

- there are old and fresh carcasses piled all over the place.

- entrance walls stained red with blood.

- the Body of an adult yao guai is still fresh, no maggots or rot yet.


I enter the cave and am Immediately confronted by an adult Deathclaw. (9:12am)

- It was far to easy to put down...

- Previously Wounded?

- it appears to have been suffering from some kind of disease? or parasite?


I sweep the interior but find nothing else significant (9:35am)

- Someone else could have been here

- empty containers.

- lots of different tracks.

- Nests all over.

- Can hear some faint scratching noises from all around but am unable to locate the source. - the scratching noise has gotten much louder in a short time, I'll take that as my que to exit, would need more fire power to deal with whatever's on it's way...


- Nobodi