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REPORT DATE: 11-9-2104


So I have an curious story for you, Commander Johns.


Last week as I hunted in an area far up north, where the Mire blurs into the Divide, I came across a campfire and two excitable young men speaking in whispers as they sipped something hot from a tin cup.


I crouched and listened for a while, amused by the colourful tale they were sharing. They said that Appalachia was most certainly 'for it' now that cultists had begun to worship deathclaws. And that surely this was some sort of sign that end-time part two had begun (but that they were too worn out by the current end-time to give any more than a fleeting fuck).


They said that there'd been rumours from multiple sources of sacrificial worship in the graveyard up above Hopewell Cave, where, as you know, an old deathclaw lives in a 'nest of guts and bones'. Apparently there is a hole in the ground near the graveyard that drops directly into its lair, and unfortunate souls are said to have been 'flung headfirst' into it by zealots of one persuasion or another. They also said fresh votive offerings, burnt out candle stubs and dead animals had been found littering the graveyard and there'd been chanting and screams carried on the wind. The intrigue of it all! I almost reached for the popcorn. In a world where horror movies no longer exist, people have to create their own, I suppose.


At this point it dawned that they were probably high on a kettle of the Mire's finest loco tea and whipping each other up into a conspiracy theory froth. I mean, the nuclear strength fungus that grows here is a definite world's end silver lining, right? Everyone's a fun-ghi in the Mire.


So when I heard on the grapevine that the 5-0 were giving credence to this deathclaw worshipping theory, you could've knocked me down with a feather. And I got to thinking that maybe it *wasn't* just the 'shroom juice talking after all. I didn't investigate the site personally because you know me: I'm no great philanthropist. But I thought I should pass this information along anyway, given I'm so invested now in finding out how this movie turns out. So keep me posted, and don't hold back on any of the gory details. I'll bring the popcorn. :-)


Yours misanthropically,




REPORT DATE: 11-9-2104
SUBMITTED BY: Daryle6233


((((PSA: FROM RESPONDER HQ) Volunteers needing assistance we have received a message from a Brotherhood of Steel Operative, see call sign above (SUBMITTED BY). Should you need assistance, perhaps reach out, but be warned. This individual is an approach at your own risk. He has no ill record with Responders but it is a wasteland.))))))

BEGIN MESSAGE//:..............

I'm a brotherhood of steel operative i go by a code name of Thatcher but my real name Is Mike Baker my motto is "A six inch blade never looses reception".

Anyways I was scouting for new ground to cover for the brotherhood I was in the cranberry bog and I found this place it was like an island 🏝 with an already built bridge so I set up My C.A.M.P and called The Base Camp dawn Able to house a few soldiers including myself. The land is rich with materials lots of plants that provide lots of adhesive.

Been around Appalachia and I can tell you this much the scorched bastard are everywhere there's a higher concentration of them. One thing I'll tell ya lad bring lots of ammo these scorched aren't pushovers one wrong move and your dead meat. The bright side is theres plenty of ultracite veins you can use this to make ultracite ammunition that'll give these bastards a run for their money. If you can get a well experienced group over here it'll be worth the trouble.