Code of Conduct

This is a Play-By-Post format. The concept employs a combination of roleplaying and writing, where players create characters and have them engage in back and forth posts with other players’ characters to weave a story. This means there is an inherent give and take between players as they write together, as there are no algorithms and RNGs to determine the outcomes of situations. As each player is in control of their character, in order to facilitate the natural back and forth of situations, there are a few necessary rules to employ to make sure the experience is engaging for everyone.


By participating in the writing experience of Vault 5-0, you agree to the following:


1. No Meta Gaming. Please avoid using OOC knowledge as an upper hand in any way.

2. No God-Modding. Don’t presume the actions of another player’s character. Everyone has the right to determine the success and failure of actions taken against their character. This is particularly critical when in conflict situations between two characters that are not evenly balanced (in terms of skills, abilities, technology, etc.)


3. No Power-Playing. No character should be all-powerful, or even more powerful than they would be realistically. All characters should be fallible, capable of making mistakes, and have weaknesses that influence and impact them. Be realistic regarding what your character is capable of achieving, doing, occupying, knowing, etc.


4. We encourage players to message each other to discuss aspects of a thread (whether to determine certain actions/fallout from an encounter or to plot new stories.) Please don’t use the message system to solicit members.


5. Death is up to the player affected. We never enforce death. If a player chooses that, then so be it.


6. A player can “opt-out” of any RP. If a player wishes to disengage, then that is their choice.


7. We are adults. There will be adult language and themes. That said, be mindful that there is a point where there should be “implied” or “fade to black” when appropriate. Gratuitous scenes of any nature should be "faded to black."

8. All characters and their stories are the property of their respective player. Any references to the Fallout series (places, NPCs, mechanics, items, etc.) belong to Bethesda Software Works and Bethesda Game Studios.

9. Please do not use, copy, share, or otherwise alter another player’s work. Plagiarism is not tolerated.

10. When in doubt, message the Moderators if there is a question or concern.

11. Remember that we do this for fun. It isn't about 'winning,' or who is the most powerful, or about getting that perfect ending. We all love stories. Let's tell some fantastic stories that bring us to tears (either from laughter or epic sadness)