Title: Cadet Roseway

Investigation: Helvetia Murder

Location: Helvetia

Roseway After Action Image.png

After action report regarding the body outside Helvetia by Elizabeth Roseway 9/15/22


If their was ever a grizzly seen in Appalachia this would be on the list. We seem to have a victim of one of the smaller raider gangs especially considering they prefer to make examples out of bodies like this one. Especially with how the body’s strung up.


It’s just missing it’s head but the head is nowhere to be seen. The note specifically named outside of Summerville. I’m recommending a further investigation into the Summerville area as if we’ve got a smaller gang starting up and going along the river this might cause more issues than it’s worth.


I did also want note that the only raiders in the Summerville area are the blood eagles and their are NONE in my area of the woods. Scorched and super mutants but no raiders.