Title: Cadet Ryker

Location: Summerville 

Investigation: Helvetia Murder

Ryker 1.jpg

My investigation began in Helvetia where I was confronted by the same scene as was reported to command. It ain't pretty, but the victim's body betrayed a few clues pertinent to us. The body can't have been here too long, else something had been used to preserve it.


The head had been severed, something I've observed on a few occasions out there in Appalachia. Stinks of raiders or scum of their ilk at any rate. The note wasn't lying neither, place sure was barren. Empty shelves and displays, and little sign of life save for the odd scorched here and there. Nothing my service revolver and I couldn't handle. (edited)

Ryker 2.jpg

Whoever left this message must have moved on, as the note suggests, pushing down towards Summersville. So I had a mosey on down south towards the perpetrators' intended destination. Were it not for the devastation and the million or so things that seem intent on killin' us one way or another, this place would be beautiful. Heck, it still is in a bleak kinda way.


On my way to Summersville I happened upon an old water treatment plant. Seemed worth my time to have a quick poke around just in case any clues were left here as to what happened in Helvetia. Place was crawling with these strange walking toasters that kept yellin' at me in Chinese or some such. If any of these Reavers had been here, there sure as shit was no sign of them. A few corpses, but they long since rotted away. Older than the one strung up in Helvetia that's for certain.

Ryker 3.jpg

On arrival at Summersville, two things struck me immediately. Number one, barricades had been erected using tractors and the like to prevent crossing the bridge. Could be linked to potential resistance to these Reavers. However, given the presence of a number of scorched here, it wouldn't surprise me if this were some attempt to combat an attack from that sort instead.


The architectural use of spikes and the makeshift look of the defences suggest that these may have been erected after Summersville had been attacked by raiders, given their predisposition towards spikes in their design.


The second thing to strike me was that Summersville is a tale of two towns bisected by the river. Though I found both to be inhabited by... unsavoury types, the two sides did not appear to see eye to eye. Enterin' from the westernmost side of town, the sole raider livin' there was not immediately hostile. This raider however should remain a person of interest in our investigation, and so I apprehended them at gunpoint. She's cuffed and ready for extraction.


The other side of town was another story... I didn't dare linger for long by myself, and I would highly recommend a return at a later date with reinforcements. Graffiti here suggests the place is or was infested with Blood Eagles. There were certainly some brutal lookin' folks hangin' around who didn't look like they'd take kindly to visitors. Any further information would require a respectable showing of force to mitigate the hostile forces loiterin' within.