Title: Cadet Thompson

Location: Summerville/Helvetia 

Investigation: Helvetia Murder

Thomspon 1.jpg

Arrived at the scene on the outskirts of Helvetia, Body was pinned to two large metal pikes and held up with barbed wire, about two to three feet above the ground. Clothing the victim was in appears to be simple wastelander attire.


The body is in the first stages of decay, veins are bright blue and pronounced, suggesting the body hasn`t been in the elements long. Shallow lacerations cover the body, believed to be post-mortem and from barbed wire.


Head is missing from the body but stabbed through the palate of the oral cavity through the parietal plates of the skull, about another 3 feet above the body. Head was severed jaggedly at the C3 vertebrae very quickly. Blood pattern on the clothing suggest the beheading was COD, and that the body has been deceased for approx. 8 days due to freshness and color of blood

Thompson 2.jpg

The note found with the body was placed after, as there was no blood on the paper. The author of the note is believed to also be the one who killed the victim, or at least collaborated with them. It was short and very blunt, written by someone who is or is faking to be some capacity of illiterate.


The contents, written as follows: "This town is barren. Nothing worth a damn here. Bring the Reavers South along the river. I'll meet you outside of Summersville."

Thompson 3.jpg

The contents of such note, seemed to have concerned Sgt. Dr. Patterson. Specifically about the "Reavers". He explained he knew of them, and that they usually wore robotic pieces as armor and would look for technology. The name seemed to strike up something within him, which I felt was rude to pry further.


It was suggested by Cadet Crow that we should sweep the area of Helvetia for any possible clues but the search turned up nothing. The next course of action was to follow the note's directions to Summersville. We split into two teams, one on the land following the river to survey while the other was in the river to check for any possible evidence. None was found.

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Upon reaching Summersville there were Blood Eagles on patrol but relaxed. They didn't seem to have any previous scuffle as there were no fresh bodies about. We dispatched of them quite effectively.


Once again no notes or belongings were found, but Duncan and Duncan Robotics in Summersville is suggested as a next possible area of search. Given the timing of the estimated TOD, and recent events within the town of Helvetia. I would suggest that Command reach out to Wildhorne, Patterson, or O'Malley (In that order) for clarification about our conclusions and findings.