Title: Cadet Border

Investigation: Helvetia Murder

Location: Summerville/Helvetia 

Border 1.png

Upon receiving word from command that an investigation needs to be carried out regarding a local murder, I headed on down the site were the body had been spotted. The body had been decapitated and wrapped up in barbed wire, the head impaled on metal rebar and the body hanging limply like a curtain. Its a waste...truly a waste...of barbed wire. I noticed a piece of paper was hanging from the body, though the same rebar as pierced the poor sods's boot.

Border 2.png

I read the note and it mentioned something called "Reavers" which sounds like the amature raider gang name or an a poorly mad dish soap. The Note said: "This town is barren. Nothing worth a damn here. Bring the Reavers South along the river. I'll meet you outside of Summersville."


To me it sounds like two raider gangs setting up a meet though only for god knows what. The Bad handwriting is quite tacky and poor. unlike my own. I took the note and kept it handy and headed south along the river in the direction of summerville

Border 3.png

However before i could move i was attached by a roaming band of scorched and took cover into a nearby bulding that had an yellow exterior. I found out that that hosue two was swarming with scorched. God bless the shotgun. I used an automatic combat shotgun that i had made using compnents cadet Jack Ryker had given me and was able to fight off the scorch only suffering from a small headache and hayfever.

In having cleaned up the scorched I pressed on down the road, collecting some oil for a requisiton i have yet to hand in. The Walk to summerville south via the river was actualy quite pleasent. accept for the smell of raditoactive water. I stocked up on ammuntion in a crashed pre war truck and continued on my way, passing past an old water treatment plant I had previosuy been in. The place is full of those annoying chinese robots so I decided not to go inside and kept walking.

I reached the outskirts of summerville just as dawn broke and came across an old mate of mine, skeever the raider. She usualy lives in the crater but she came down here for some reason so i decided to say hello. I asked her if she had seen anyone going south and she said yes, a few hours before i arrived a group of raiders went into summerville all wearing greaser jackets. She then asked me if i need ammunton and having just stocked up i politley declined. Shes a good person. Being a murdious sociopath who likes stabbing people deters friendship but hey... nobody is perfect

Border 4.png

I left skeever feeling confidant in my investigation on the body and entered Summerville with Appalachia radio playing 'Atom bomb baby' which i was singing loudly and out of tune too. It was glorious.


No sooner had I entered Summerville was i shot at by bloodeagles which proved two very important things. The Blood Eagles are annoying twats and I must be on the right track otherwise why the hostility? Taking out mu trusty shotgun I began shooting back. They had the advantage of the high ground and fortifications but the ones using melee charged at me, telling me where they were coming from allowing me to burst their head with buckshot. Happy days.


One by one the blood eagles fell at my hand, making a last stand on the roof. It occurred to me that these 'Reavers' back in Helvetia' met a grisly end at the hand of the blood eagles. shame, justice is tricky thing to find in the wasteland but hey, Justice is never sought unless retribution is a part. I made my way up to the roof and stole a pumpkin pie they were making to add salt to the wound.


I changed to my Handmade rifle and began firing as a got up to the roof, finishing off the last of the blood eagles as they coughed up blood from their wounds or tried to fight again. Commander, I can officially report my investigation is closed, it appears the blood eagles killed the man and left the note then lured the man's group to Summerville and butchered them there. However I did not see any bodies though there were a lot of blood stains and spent bullets. I took some for evidence if you need to see them.