Title: Cadet Coomer

Location: Summerville 

Investigation: Helvetia Murder

Cadet Coomer 1.jpg

Helvetia seemed quiet on the outskirts, found the body of the poor man who'd been strung up on barbed wire and spikes (see figure 1).


Good lord, kill a man if you mean to kill him, but leave him like this? Some people are evil for evil's sake. The note pinned to the man mentions bringing the "Reavers" (raider gang?) along the river outside Summersville.

Cadet Coomer 2.jpg

Getting close to Summerville I came upon what I would assume was supposed be the meeting place for these "Reavers". I searched the surrounding area but unfortunately found no leads on where they went next, I would have to push into the town itself.

Cadet Coomer 3.jpg

Seems that I missed a party in town, dead Blood Eagles here and there but still no sign or trail left by the Reavers. Perhaps they met their gruesome end to these cruel savages.

The only thing I have found particularly noteworthy would be a haphazardly barricaded robotics shop on the main street, walking inside I was stunned to see such a place a clean and well kept as this. However the place still unnerved me and after a quick search I could still find nothing.


In conclusion I would have to assume this group of Reavers, whoever they are or were, met their end to the hands of Blood Eagles who had fortified positions in Summersville. It's still unknown to me who that man hung up on the tree was but I will make an effort to go back and bury him, it's simply not right to leave him there for all to see.

Cadet Coomer 4.jpg