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Alexander Waalkz

DOB: 07/12/2059

Medic Alex had always been somewhat of a prodigy, even if he never was the most vocal.


Showing a keen interest in sciences at a early age, he had always been considered the typical nerdy, book-worm type, when he wasn't being sat in front of that holo-tron 3000, avidly feeding into and buying into American propaganda of the Era until the later events in the course of the 'Great War' that would eventually transpire in years to come. At later dates however, and closer to his eventual acceptance in with the U.S. Government off the back of a vault-tec university issued diploma by age eighteen, his views ultimately became conflicted given his life within West Virginia.


He survived the bombs dropping on the 23rd of October and since then has lived with many a man and woman under every which banner or call sign he knew, living a vibrantly bleak and unfortunate life for a good stretch of time. Alexander ended up quitting 'that old life', and whent into hiding for a while... it was only recently as the past few months that the man has come out of hiding, once more speaking and working with the 5-0 Responders.