Tex Rogers


DOB: Undetermined

Brotherhood of Steel After the Great War, Tex attempted to make his way home to his wife, Marge, in Texas, covering 400 miles before arriving in Appalachia. Upon arrival, he witnessed a group of raiders being attacked by the Brotherhood of Steel outside Grafton, and was approached by Johnny Moreno. After mentioning he was a member of a power armor regiment during the Battle of Anchorage, he was offered a place in the Brotherhood, which he accepted.

He found the Brotherhood's training drills challenging despite his background but eventually proved to be the right fit for the Brotherhood, receiving the first training commendation that Ted Wilson gave since the Great War, eventually joining the Brotherhood with a recommendation for a fast-tracked promotion. During his time in training, he had befriended Dakota Lyons, a former Ohio National Guard soldier who had wandered aimlessly southeast from Columbus until she made contact with a Brotherhood squad in Point Pleasant. The two grew very close and would later become romantically involved.


After finishing training at Camp Venture, he fought super mutants in The Battle of Huntersville, during which Dakota Lyons was mortally wounded by a Super Mutant wielding a sledge hammer. Tex had to cope with his loss in solitude, as romantic relationships between members of the Brotherhood were forbidden and exposing their relationship would have posthumously stripped Lyons of her Medal of Heroism. In the Appalachian Brotherhood's final days, he took part in the Brotherhood's last stand at Fort Defiance, eventually becoming one of the few survivors defending the fort alongside Knight Wilson and Scribe Grant before it fell.