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Andrew Macklin Jr.




Known to the Responders as Keith, he is a local West Virginian. From Beckley, his mother was a government scientist and his father was a captain for the local fire department under which his brother, Jonathan, also served. On the day the bombs fell, he and his mother were the only ones to get to Vault 76.


Andrew grew up on a sub level with other scientists and their children, though he never knew what she did. Living a fairly normal childhood in the Vault, when Andrew turned 19 years old he was brought into a medical ward where his mother was on her death bed. Her exposure to a chemical had physically altered her with heterochromia and small static shocks.


On Reclamation Day, Andrew, two buddies, and the girl he loved, Maddie, ventured into the great state of Appalachia. They settled on a piece of land with the hope to help wanderers and traders survive. This didn't last, however, as they were attacked by power armor unit and a man in a lab coat. His friends were killed, and Andrew watched as Maddie was shot in front of him. .


Andrew was sedated, and woke up some time later in the middle of Appalachia, naked, bloodied, scarred, and with a giant gap in his memory. Lost and searching for answers, he came across a ResponderBot, which lead him to the Divide outside of The Tick, home of Kori Anders. Joining the Responders, he took on the name Keith and focused on the future.