become a cadet or volunteer!

Welcome to Five-0 HQ! 

If you are here it means you are either roleplay curious or currently roleplay within Fallout 76 and are seeking others with a passion for story telling. 

While the CADET program is primarily for Playstation 4/5 players, our VOLUNTEER program is designed for all systems.

If you are on Xbox or PC, we encourage you to Volunteer which gives you access to our discord and our written RP experience. These can lead to in game real time RP with others upon meeting on discord just like we do on Playstation. 

YOU DO NOT have to JOIN the Five-0 New Responders to be apart of this opportunity. While we share a common lore, you may bring your characters into the RP for engagement at any level. Whether you are a raider, Brotherhood of steel, Enclave or more, if you have a story to tell, we want to be involved!

So check out the videos, make your selections and we will see you at the Five-0 Armory!