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About us

The Fallout Five-0 is a role playing based group found in the world of Fallout 76 the video game by Bethesda Software. We feature a game community dedicated to creating in game experiences for our players and the  greater community of Fallout. We use multi-media to extend the immersion of the player created events and lore. 

We have a strong focus on machinima (using game mechanics and video to tell cinematic story) to help build the lore as well as stories. We use live action roleplay to create both unscripted and, when needed, scripted tales. 

Our most known productions are our Machinima and in game Roleplay, "Trial of the Warlord" as well as "Redemption Fall," a pre-reclamation day machinima series telling the tale of our characters before leaving Vault 76.

We are also becoming known for our episodic Twitch TV show, Responders Appalachia. A bi-monthly combination of machinima lore and live action role play. 

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Interview Topics

  • In Character Roleplay 

  • Machinima 

  • Fallout 76 Community

  • Production / Content Creation

Contact Us: by email 

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