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We are a group of adult gamers across systems that enjoy the variety of experiences that No Man's Sky offers. We range in experience from novice to expert, PVE to PVP, farmer to mercenary. This is a safe place to share community ideas, engage in creative play, and support one another.

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Although it is considered an Era of Peace, the reality is somewhat less ideal. The galaxy is vast, and while many enjoy the fruits of trade and collaborative research, there are growing tensions, sliding as worms through the dirt to corrupt and profit off the fortune (and misfortune) of others.


Piracy is at an all time high with entire systems becoming hidden harbors to avoid the tracking eyes of bounty hunters. Ancient religions have resurfaced and seek to spread their influence, by any means necessary. Traders work to balance their profits against the risk of loss. Exploration tugs more sharply at the nerves of the intrepid, with great glory and honor (and units) awaiting them--if only they are the first.


This is the galaxy, dynamic and shifting, influenced strangely at times by the smallest choice of a single Traveller or by the conflict that seems to drive so many to understand... why.