Join date: Nov 1, 2021

Name: Tony Kains

Age: 37

Date Of Birth: July 2nd 2067

Background: Tony wanted to follow in his parent's footsteps into the military when he was eight, but it all changed when the bombs hit America. He was, rushed to Vault 76 alone by his nanny robot without his parent's. He was taken care of by one of the security guards of the vault. Over the years of being inside the vault, his mind would always return to the outside world. So when Reclamation Day arrived, he travelled for a year searching for his parent's only finding Feral Ghouls, Scorched and everything in between. Tony realised, at the end of, 2102 his parents are dead, but he remembered what they fought for, so he turned to the New Five-0 to start to help people. Although just a volunteer right now, he hopes to prove himself not just for them but also for his family.

((I haven't done this Roleplay thing for awhile so please bear with me as i learn the ropes again. I like to rolplay in-game.Tony Kains isn't my real name. My PSN name is "CommanRock37"))