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A Captain in the U.S. Army prior to the Great War, Connor was tasked with setting up many of the air battery defense sites positioned around what is now known as the Cranberry Bog. Vault-Tec contracted with the U.S. military to include security details in many of the vaults, regardless of whether or not they were control or experimental vaults. Receiving an offer from Vault-Tec to cross-level into a position regarding the physical security of Vault 76, Connor accepted. Relocating to a stationed position at the Vault, he was in charge of inspecting the physical soundness of the vault (including everything from the automated robotics, door and lift pneumatics, securing the armory, and the security of the brig.) If there was a physical structure related to security, Connor was involved. While Connor operated the physical security during the day shift, he came to know Sean Healy, the man later known as the Warlord (as he operated as the Sergeant of the Guard with duty and personnel rosters, and the human aspect of the Vault's security.) These two men, while sharing a connected past, ironically now stand on opposing sides of the battlefield.

Assigned to Overseer’s detail, Connor had to balance the reality of the life he left behind to the Great War, with the life he would need to build within the Vault. The years saw Connor rise in rank, with many seeking his advice regarding situations that required a third party observant. Establishing himself as a neutral, fair, but charismatic individual, he was awarded several commendations in the areas of tactics, diplomacy, and leadership. Never content, though, with the Vault, the additional five years of Vault dwelling were the most difficult.

Reclamation Day

Without truly knowing what to expect outside of the Vault, Connor took a small group of fellow soldiers and set out into Appalachia to search for survivors and answers. The land was both beautiful and damning, and the occupants unforgiving. Discovering a series of messages detailing the efforts of the Responders and Maria Chavez, Connor began to search for any remnants of the group. What he discovered, however, was the ultimate extinction of the Responders at Morgantown. Their ideals were noble and their efforts sincere--they simply lacked the resources and training such as the Brotherhood possessed. Vowing to pick up where Maria Chavez left off, Connor shifted his focus to include providing a means to help stabilize Appalachia for those that decided to settle.

New Responders

Calling his group the New Responders, Connor began to broadcast messages of recruitment while also responding to distress signals. Picking up an old Responder uniform, he and the New Responders became synonymous with responsive actions and diplomatic relations. Recognizing the need for evolution in the Responder codebook, Commander Johns, as he was now called, took his military background, survivalist experience, and tactical training to lead this new breed of Responder in Appalachia. Nicknamed the Five-0 by fellow members, the Commander and the New Responders started to scout through Appalachia, helping where they could, how they could--either through diplomacy or by force.

Current Day

Based out of Morgantown, Commander Johns oversees the tactical deployment of the various units of the New Responders. Despite the distance between Morgantown and the Savage Divide, he and Field Commander Anders maintain a resolute and unwavering relationship. The months have been filled with both triumphs and sorrows, and the Commander is pragmatic in what he sees as the future stretches out. He maintains that the New Responders are not present in Appalachia to police the survivors, but instead to provide a way to support the survival of humanity against the new backdrop of the world around them--he is a diplomat and a soldier, a listener and a fighter, a veteran of both war and peace.

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Commander Connor Johns

Commander Connor Johns

Founders Badge
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