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Cadet Class Winter 2022

Pvt. R.G.

My name, is Radio Girl. I came to Appalachia from D.C. to start a new life for myself. The trip was long, and I ended up losing my voice. But despite that, I was determined to make my dream a reality. To start my very own Radio station...

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While I searched for a place to set up shop, I met this group of interesting individuals. They called themselves the 5-0 New Responders. They gave me crucial components for the building of my Radio Station, as well as a shiny new revolver and some ammo. They mentioned going on a patrol in the forest, and being the curious reporter I am, I asked to join them. We ended up finding some pretty interesting things in the forest.

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Eventually, with the help of my sweetie, Raider Punk, I was able to accomplish my dream. And together, we created RG Radio. A new catchy Radio Station to grace Appalachia. A place for safety, and swingin tunes!

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I had decided to use my station to encourage others to fight for their freedom, and live their lives to the fullest. As well as promote the hard work and dedication of the New Responders. Spreading the word and building morale.

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Eventually, I found myself going a step further, and next thing I know, I'm a Cadet under the New Responders banner! Overjoyed and excited to serve! To make a physical difference in the lives of the people. Of my new home, Appalachia. And soon, my training began.

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Alongside the other Cadets, Ryan and Shaz, I met plenty of interesting people, such as the Mayor of Flatwoods. Who is always up to some playful mischief. Along with our mentors and each other, we helped a lot of people, and experienced a lot.

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One of my most memorable times was when we went on an obstacle course to test our physical fitness. I was elated to have won the first course! Poor Shaz ended up tripping on one of the obstacles. The next two obstacles were a little tougher, and a lot higher off the ground. It doesn't help when the spectators are throwing grenades at the ground while you're literally jumping from tree to tree.


But that was nothing compared to the horror of climbing the railings underneath a bridge like thousands of feet high. That was the day I learned about my fear of heights.

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Some time after that, I decided to take it upon myself to create a foothold for the 5-0 just outside the Grafton Dam and only a few clicks from Morgantown Airport. I designated it, Radio Tower 5-0, and was even visited by Cadet Shaz who was impressed with my work. We had a nice discussion that night on Cadet related things.

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The 5-0 taught us a lot of useful things, such as medical treatment in emergency situations, deescalation tactics (my best subject) and how to "SPREAD THE FUCK OUT!" As the Col. would say. We even got to repair all of the Power Plants in Appalachia, and let me tell you, it's a lot easier to do with a team than by yourself.

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I have to admit, there have been a few hard times for me... such as the investigation of exterestrial activity in Appalachia. I won't lie... I ended up in a bad way... and had a bit of an episode... but thankfully, my friends... no, my family, the 5-0, are very supportive, and with the help of them, RP, and my new friend Emilia, I was able to recover, good as new.

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I'm more than happy to say, that regardless of what happens, I'm proud to call all of these weirdos my family. And I will aid and serve alongside them for as long as I'm able. This time in my life has been the most fun and eventful I've ever had, and I'm so happy to be able to call myself, a Responder.

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