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Cadet Class Winter 2022

Pvt. Ryan

The first place I got to meet the 5-0 new responders was at an event they call armory. A night in the armory is a very interesting time. Ran by Charlotte she is very professional until someone asks her to make a pie. The most important rule about Armory though is to not wear a hat. Ps. Don’t bring up mothmen around her; she has a bad history with them!

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My first quest as a cadet where I got to meet Flatwoods mayor. We were sent out to find out what happened to his delivery runner between Flatwoods and the Morgantown airport. The hardest thing was to break the news to the mayor that his runner was killed by raiders. After possessing the news he had to figure out if the codes to the supplies remained safe.

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I have joined the 5-0 for a handful of patrols through Appalachia. The patrols could be many different things such as helping new Appalachian residents. Fulfilling a wellness check report on an individual that may need help. But the patrols could also be aggressive when we have to clear out a location.

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Definitely the strangest and most uncomfortable meeting I’ve had yet was when I made the acquaintance of Changeling. From what I gathered she lives in the Mire. I’ve heard she sells information or supplies but for a price. It also appears to me that she goes off a favor system if she does a favor for someone she will collect one in return.

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The mayor's BBQ cook off was a fun though short event. He had us split off into two teams searching for ingredients for the food he would cook us. The first was a difficult task we had to kill a scorch beast for its meat along with finding plans around infected waters. Now the second dish didn’t go too well. He asked us to find ingredients for tofu… ew! Both teams reluctantly did it but thankfully by time we

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Now the kingpin mission what can I say other than can I offer you some drugs for a reasonable price. Mine and my fellow cadet Johnny Shaz mission was to deliver Duchess’s off the books products. There were a few let’s just say strange customers ranging from moonshiners, cultists, and scavengers. We ran into a bit of trouble with the law being the responders and brotherhood looking for drug buyers and sellers.

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One particular patrol we went on was a search to figure out the unknown. This being aliens that seem to have built monuments around Appalachia we did not know if it was the flatwoods monster or others that we have yet to encounter. The monuments were mostly made of stone but too heavy for humans to lift.

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My first class as an official cadet was basic medical training. Between trauma kits for trained field medics and a field kit for untrained light medical use. A big part of the teaching was which chems to look out for to get off the street that are harmful and which can help in low doses.

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