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Cadet Class Winter 2022

Pvt. SHaz

This is a story about Shaz, a brief story, to allow mystic and intrigue to fill the gaps….no. no. Really, its cause it’s not all that interesting or unique in this new, rebirthed, garbage of a world. Leaving the vault he had good intentions and planned on thriving in this adventure outside where it can actually hurt you. Early on he came across some holotapes, gear and attire from the Responders of old. He wore a Firebreather jacket, damn good quality and practical! Yada yada, arrest, escape, raider..

The real story starts here, another new beginning as a Cadet, along with fellow cadets Ryan and RG. Eventually, paths taken brought him to the 5-0 Armory for requisition and trading of supplies (don’t offer hotplates) with the Responders of new. Leading him to meeting and helping the Mayor of Flatwoods track down some friends.

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The journey into the unknown with this group has been refreshing , adventurous, and fun. One of our first patrols with Sgt Lordes had us battling the Flatwoods Monster. This is where he got hooked!

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Until the training course…..grumble grumble obscenity..his age and old knees shone bright red that day. RG was spry and ran the best time, Ryan second and himself a solid 3rd. Camaraderie, laughs and action reports usually follow each patrol of mission. Here the personalities come thru, and where he realizes he did, in fact miss the vault days for safety and comfort, a feeling he had forgotten about already.

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Courses and training are a big part of the program. First aid, tactics, and “De-escalation” have helped a great deal, even when he is off attending to his other responsibilities. Classes and patrols are just scratch. A bozo like tinfoil cap wearer led to a freakin alien. And alien, full sized sucker, and some slimy black goop that scared him more.

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But, the dutiful reminders of what the Responders of past experienced, and the tough choices ahead under the watchful eyes of leadership give the seriousness of the group and honour they want to uphold.

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And then they randomly march you up beams to live fire iin a sink or swim excersise. Running the bridge beams I wasn’t as far behind as the training, and his life experience under fire and pressure kicked in..and lady luck of course.

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Spending time with the group, fellow Cadets and Senior members have given laughs and brought knowledge. The 3 Cadets have helped eachother, hung out, and shown insight to their worlds. Also, do you know you can grow plants to make adhesive? All this time scaveging and and what not, when he could have been growing!

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Strength through diplomacy was and still can sound strange to him, but the proof is the pudding as they say, and witnessing the resources at hand and collective minds rebuilding Appalachia only means more adventure and caps are in the picture for Shaz, RG and Ryan.

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